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Automatic Logout After 3 Minutes
Once you've logged on, the app will automatically log you off after a period of 3 minutes of inactivity. A short inactivity timeout is necessary when dealing with password changes.

Who Can Change Passwords
There are three levels of access, as follows: Changing Another Person's Password
When changing another person's password for which you are authorized, you may not specify the new password. Simply enter the user's login id and click the button. A new password will be generated for the user. Enter the plain login in only - do not enter the full email address. For example, if the email address is '', just enter 'testuser'.

Password Requirements
When changing the password of another user, the password is automatically generated, and you have no ability to set it to something specific. Generated passwords meet the same requirements as below.

When changing your own password, the requirements are: Viewing Passwords Of The Day
Generic accounts exist for various purposes, and are inherently insecure. Therefore, we change the passwords on a daily basis. Students are not authorized to view any of these account passwords. Staff may view passwords to which they have been granted permissions. By default, all staff may view the daily guest wifi password.

These passwords are to be shared only for their intended purposes. The guest wifi password is for the use of short term visitors, to use with their own equipment to connect to our wireless network for Internet access only. It can not be used to login to our computers, and should not be used by our staff or students for any reason.

It is strictly prohibited to print, email, broadcast, display or otherwise communicate these passwords regularly or in mass for any reason. They are to be shared only for their designed purposes, individually with the appropriate parties. Abuse of this access will result in removal of your permissions.

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